Birmingham Buddhist Vihara (BBV)

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara (BBV)

Dear Dhamma Friends,

VENERABLE Dr. REWATA DHAMMA biography book in English is being prepared and aim to publish in 2024.

Please kindly send any photos, historical events, and piece of news paper that you may have with Sayadaw to Dr Ottara Nyana ( to include in the book.

Thank you.



Please note:

The Pagoda is open most days. Visiting hours open to the public is from 12pm to 6pm.

But to avoid disappointment please use this FORM to inform us in advance of your visit to ensure there will be someone available to welcome you and show you around.


We have meditation classes weekly as below:


Beginners:  Thurs. 7:30pm

Advanced:  Mon. 7:30pm

Zen Group : 1st and 3rd week of Friday 7pm



Thirty-two schools visited the Dhamma Talaka
Peace Pagoda for religious education during
school term last year. The visits continue to
provide students with invaluable experience to
hear about the Buddha and his teachings and to
meet Buddhist monks. This is also part of the
community work that Birmingham Buddhist
Vihara does. For a school visit please

Contact :
Dr Nagasana
Email :
Dr Max Kyi
Email :


The pagoda is an oriental style of sacred tower. In Buddhism, it is also called a stupa or caitya. The building of pagodas dates from the time of the Buddha’s passing into Nibbana, around the sixth century BCE. At that time, the Buddha’s body was cremated and only fragments of the bones remained. These sacred relics were divided among the rulers who were his devout followers. They placed them in golden chambers in their respective countries and built pagodas over them so that people could venerate and pay homage.

The pagoda symbolises peace, compassion and other exemplary qualities of the Buddha. As such, Buddhists venerate it everywhere. With the spread of Buddhism, pagodas were built in all those countries where it became established. The pagoda is the earthly manifestation of the mind of the Buddha and, as such, stands as a prime symbol of Buddhism. The Dhammatalaka Pagoda will fulfil three purposes: it will be a shrine for Buddhists to perform their traditional ceremonies; a focus where non-Buddhists can learn about Buddhism; and a sanctuary where both may find peace and tranquillity.


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